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hi, Reading newspaper for upsc is the most important thing, you need to know syllabus first, and just by seeing an article you should know which gs paper it belongs to and under which topic. Tipu Sultan In Hindi, टीपू सुल्तान को दुनिया का पहेला मिसाइल मेन माना जाता है, About Tipu Sultan In Hindi, Essay on Tipu Sultan in Hindi, Tiger of Mysore.

Tipu Sultan was born on 20 November in present-day Bengaluru Rural district to Hyder Ali. His father was a military officer in service to the Kingdom of Mysore in southern India who rapidly rose in power to become the de facto ruler of Place Of Birth: Devanahalli.

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I can still remember my childhood very much. I was born in a village in. Parts of India have historically been subject to Islamic rule from the period of Muhammad bin Qasim to the Delhi Sultanate and the Mughal Empire, as well as smaller kingdoms like the Bahmani Sultanate and Tipu Sultan's kingdom of Mysore.

After the conquest of Sindh, Qasim chose the Hanafi school of Islamic law which that when under Muslim rule, polytheists such as Hindus, Buddhists, and Jains.

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